Fighting erectile dysfunction with Nitric Oxide supplementation

Solving Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction the Natural Way

nitric-oxide-impotenceImpotence and erectile dysfunction are common disorder that has been observed in men for many decades. One of the latest discoveries by experts that have been proven to help treat this medical condition is the use of nitric oxide (otherwise known as NO) with L-arginine. First and foremost, nitric oxide is a compound made up of one molecule of nitrogen and two molecules of oxygen. Nitric Oxide is naturally present in our body through the production of compounds such as Arginine and Citrulline.

There are many uses known for nitric oxide in our bodies. However, it is also a pollutant created by engine exhaust that needs to be managed effectively. Because NO can act as a neurotransmitter as well as a messenger between our cells, it is needed in a certain concentration inside our bodies. Nitric oxide is also vital for many body builders since it increases blood flow, thereby helping to speed up metabolism. Perhaps the most important function of nitric oxide in men is the ability to enhance the size and stamina of their penis. Nitric Oxide works by dilating the blood vessels that carry the blood to the penis. When these blood vessels are dilated, more blood will be carried to the penis to help men achieve an erection. Once an erection has been achieved, Nitric Oxide prolongs the erection by increasing the blood flow to give men the capacity to provide more sexual pleasure to their partners.

Apart from nitric oxide, another natural occurring substance that has been known to enhance men’s sexual capacity is L-arginine. It is an amino acid that has long been sold as a supplement since it is very effective in the treatment of colds, dementia, high blood pressure, congenial heart disease, erectile dysfunction and impotence. L-arginine has been proven with scientific studies that it works in tandem with Nitric Oxide, enhancing the capacity to dilate blood vessels and increase the flow of blood to the penis. On its own, L-arginine relaxes the muscles surrounding the blood vessels of the penis allowing more space to carry more blood. When taken daily and in regular doses together with nitric oxide, it can certainly help alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and it can make a significant difference in one’s sex life.

In 1999, a well-known research regarding the effects of L-arginine on sexually impotent men was published. It indicated that 50 of the men who took 5 grams of the L-arginine supplement performed in bed better than those who took a placebo. Furthermore, after 6 weeks, these same men were shown to exhibit improvements in their sexual stamina as compared to those who didn’t take anything. These findings were published in the journal BJU International.

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